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Southwestern Adventist University announces an exciting new book rental program designed to save our students money on textbooks!  We are partnering with BBA Solutions to deliver textbooks and supplies through our University bookstore at a huge saving AND they will be here before classes start for the low cost of approximately $20 per credit hour.

It’s called FIRST- Fully Inclusive Rental Subscription Textbook program.




            Fixed low cost of $325 per semester for ALL required books

            No matter how many books needed for classes – the rental fee is $325

            It includes campus specific and custom campus materials

            Delivered BEFORE classes start

            No more waiting two weeks for books to arrive


           HOW IT WORKS?


            1. Follow the steps when you register for your classes

            2. Pick up your books the Sunday before classes start



SOUTHWESTERN ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY is serious about providing affordable options for our students.  In addition to negotiating huge textbook savings, our partnership with BBA Solutions to deliver textbooks and supplies through the University Bookstore ensures that the books will be available before the first day of classes which benefits student academic success.